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How To Wear Shoes Without Socks? 9 Useful Steps


How many times have you seen someone wearing shoes without socks and wondered if it was appropriate? Wearing shoes without socks has become a trend in recent years, but not everyone knows the rules about when to wear them. 

This blog post will teach you everything there is to know how to wear shoes without socks! Read on to know more.

Why Wear Shoes Without Socks?

Not wearing socks is like not wearing a coat. You probably wouldn’t walk around town in just a vest, if you did it would be cold and look pretty silly. This applies to the summer too because one should wear shorter pants when going sockless due to colder weather conditions during winter months which will contrast with seasonally appropriate choices for warmer seasons

The kind of liberation that exposes your ankles and calves to the elements, letting them enjoy summer alongside you. More people are going sockless for summer but do it without taking precautions- don’t only will you look foolish; likely have a biohazard on your hands!

When To Wear Shoes Without Socks?

Going sockless is all the rage these days. You can wear it to a dinner, cocktail party, or even coffee shop without offending anyone and still seem stylish in dress codes like smart casual and semi-formal. As long as you’re wearing shoes of course! There are some occasions when socks will always be mandatory such as business formal attire which should never ever be worn with bare feet unless if this isn’t your style at all then we totally respect it wearing shoes without socks

Guide to Wearing Shoes Without Socks

Get The Right Shoe Size

Guys, it’s time to check your shoe size! Wearing the wrong width can lead you to feel uncomfortable. Your foot size is determined by three measurements – length, girth (or circumference), and width. Shoe sizes are measured in terms of “D”, or medium; “M” for narrow; and wide as well as letters such as EEEE (wide) or AAAAAA(extra-wide). If possible don’t wear socks with shoes that fit correctly because they may change shape over time depending on how tightly you tie them up at first even if their original sizing was correct before wearing.

Pamper Your Feet

To avoid foot stench, make sure you scrub your dogs with strong soap (and maybe a brush). You should also maintain healthy hygiene. Soak and cleanse the feet every day to remove bacteria from them as it is one of the primary causes for bad odor emanating from the feet. Pedicures are an excellent idea when they’re done right by skilled professionals using good quality products that won’t damage nails or skin in any way!

Gradually Break-in Your Shoes

If you just bought a pair of shoes, I would suggest wearing socks and breaking them in with the new ones. Going sockless is asking for swollen feet – which isn’t good at all.

Stick To Loafers

Business shoes are not made to go sockless, and I’ve never seen a pair that’s actually comfortable without socks. However, if you do decide to leave your socks at home for business occasions because it looks more cool/casual than wearing them with these specific types of dressy footwear then be sure the shoes convey this same message too – being classy and casual is good but don’t push it by looking uncomfortable or unnatural when walking around in bare feet.

Switch Them Up

When you wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, they can get very smelly. This is because your feet sweat and there’s no place for all that moisture to escape from within the shoe when it doesn’t dry out properly between uses. The ideal scenario with leather shoes would be at least one day off per use so they have time to completely dry up inside before wearing them again. You should also keep cedar shoe trees in every single pair while not being worn – this will help absorb some of their smell by circulating air back into them instead of allowing moisture (this smells) build-up over multiple consecutive wears without having any room to evaporate on its own accord!

Wear Soft Flowy Fabric

If you’re one of the few people who can pull off a bare-legged look come summertime, here are some tips to make sure it’s done right. First, wear lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton so that your feet stay as cool as they possibly can be during warmer temps. Second, keep those hemlines high enough – but not too short or revealing! Lastly (and perhaps most importantly), don’t go sockless before Memorial Day; this is definitely something reserved for warm weather only when the sun is shining bright and the mercury starts rising.

Going sockless in summer should be limited to guys who have an easier time staying cooler than others under hot conditions because going completely without socks will leave their feet exposed directly to harsh elements.

Powder Is The Key

A simple solution is using powder such as talcum powder (“talc”) in shoes or on feet; however, there can be messiness involved with it. Specialized powders designed specifically for sweaty feet may also work but should do fine if just regular talc is used instead.


If you’ve got a can of antiperspirant and want to use it on your feet, then go for it! It might be the solution that makes walking around with stinky shoes less annoying. 

Special Insoles

Special insoles called Odor-Eaters are made to remove odors in your shoes. You can even get these special odorless inserts for your sneakers and they work really well!


You might be surprised to hear that more and more people are going sockless this summer. But before you ditch the socks, make sure to take a few precautions first! Reading our guide on how not only you should wear your shoes without socks is a great place to start.

Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash