5 Best Insoles for Your Shoes – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Introduction of Best Insoles

Who doesn’t want a pair of shoes with comfortable insoles? However, it might be tough to select the perfect insole. Whether your feet are flat or high, you require arch support or you just want to get a shock absorber for the day, everyone has an insole. In this article, we will discuss what is on the market and I will assist you to locate your shoes’ greatest insoles

What are Insoles?

Insoles are shoe inserts that can simply be fitted to the footbed of any shoe or removed. There are different types of insoles depending on the material it is made from. The principal reason you need insoles is to make your shoes comfortable to wear. Insoles support your feet and alleviate discomfort or strain. Most shoes have their insoles glued to the footbed. However, you can remove or add to the insoles of some shoes for your mobility and comfort. This is for people who still like the shoe but are not comfy with them anymore.   

What makes a good insole?

Insoles are produced from several materials. When selecting the best insole for you, the insert material is crucial to notice. Not all insoles will offer you the advantage you desire or need. The following materials make a good insole:

  • Air Cushioned: This is a combination of foam material with a little air bubble to create the best support and comfort.
  • Foam: These materials absorb shock and add an extra layer of support for the feet.
  • Memory Foam:  These materials are used when an individual wants a customized insole. The memory foam is shaped to fit the owners’ feet.
  • Leather: These materials provide firm and sturdy support for the feet in addition to as well as arch support to the feet.
  • Gel: These materials provide comfort and extra grip on the shoe. They are best used on more open and revealing shoes like sandals or heels shoes.

What to Consider When Buying Insoles

Every individual wears an insole for a reason best known to them because our feet are different and they have a different tolerating level. The right insole can help reduce pressure and prevent on your feet, even your shoe is on all day. Here are a few things to consider when buying insoles.

Insole material

Insoles are made of a combination of one or more materials from gel, leather, cork, and/or foam. Each of these materials has its advantage and properties, so the preference depends on the personal need of the user.

Arch Type

The arch is a significant part of the body as it helps in weight distribution. It also helps to fit footwear on the leg. Therefore, picking the best insole for your foot is very important. There are three types of arches which are low (flat feet), medium, and high arches.

It is necessary to know your arch, so you can buy the best insole. Choosing the wrong arch type do more harm than good.


Insoles come in different sizes for different feet. These insoles are usually in three sizes ranging from 8-10. You can decide to trim the insole to fit your feet using scissors. Guides and lines are on the insole, so you know where to trim.

Heel Cups

The heel is the first part of the foot to touch the ground when walking; so, it is important to get the best insole that has a befitting insole. The heel cup provides balance, comfort, and alignment of the foot heel. Therefore, when buying an insole, check for one that can prevent pain and foot injury on the lower body.

In addition, an insole with a heel cup leads to a poor walking posture and can cause several foot injuries. If not attended to on time, it can lead to a medical condition.

Top 5 Insoles Review

You already know the importance of an insole; so, do your leg a favor by buying quality and affordable insole for your shoe. Here are the top 5 insoles for you

Our Top Insole Pick Comparison

Dr Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics

This insole is designed for men that weigh over 200 pounds suffering from lower back pain and leg fatigue from standing too long. It also helps to absorb shock, distribute weight, and reduce the impact of weight on the body.

Dr Scholl's Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics
For men over 200 lbsPlastic irritates feet
Pain reliefNot for high arches/flat feet
Natural arch support 

Buy Dr Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics for $12.97

Superfeet Unisex Adult Green

This is a high-density foam insole designed to fill the width and length of your shoe for maximum support. It supports the rear foot and provides additional stability to the foam layer.

CustomizableIt might not be durable
Cut down on odorMay squeak when walking
Available in many sizes 

Buy Superfeet Unisex Adult Green for $49.95

Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles

The plantar fasciitis arch support insole is a podiatrist recommended insole that helps minimize arch pain and offer a nice comfort. This insole fits into any type of footwear and all ages.

Available in many sizesArch support may be in the wrong place for some feet
Cut down on odor 

Buy Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles for $19.99

Plantar Fasciitis Strong Arch Support Insoles

This insole comes with an extra-strong sole for individuals that weigh over 200 pounds. It supports the arch and helps realign the whole body; reducing foot pressure on the joints and spine.

Can carry individuals over 200 poundsArch support may be in the wrong place for some feet
Natural arch support 
Pain relief 

Buy Plantar Fasciitis Strong Arch Support Insoles for $29.99

Dr Scholl’s performance running insoles

This insole doesn’t need trimming and it reduces shock impact by over 40% to protect the knees and feet. Also, the arch support provides motion control, natural gait, and maximizes energy return.

Available in different sizesNot versatile
CustomizableArch support may be in the wrong place for other feet
Cut down on odor 

Buy Dr Scholl’s performance running insoles for $39.97


If you need to get yourself an insole, Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles should be your best option because it is a podiatrist-recommended insole that fits into all footwear and all ages can use it. It also helps to relieve pains and offers support to the arch.  Dr Scholl’s performance running insoles can be the second choice if you don’t like the first option.